Updated tune – Gardens of Sky

Attached is a revised version of Flett from Flotta/Gardens of Sky

Flett_and_Gardens of Skye

New Tunes – April 2019

The following tunes are attached:
1) Fairy Lullaby that might add to our music book
2) Lord is My Shepherd/ Abide with Me.  There are  two different orders  of play  Once order is determined it will be confirmed.
3) When the Piper Plays / Flower of Scotland 
For “When the Piper Plays” a solo piper plays once through then band plays through once, then into Flower of Scotland.  This replaces The Day thou Gave Us.



Updated sheet music

Attached is updated music for Flett from Flotta/ Gardens of Skye – flett april17

The band revised Gardens of Skye from the copy issued at March practice so you may disregard the earlier version.

Music List for Trip to Italy

Attached is the music list for our planned trip to Italy in 2020.

Italy music April17 pg 1

Italy music April 17 pg 2

Trip to Italy in 2020

Senior Pipe Major Ross Baxter is looking to put together a trip to Italy in 2020. Planning is for
the  trip to begin with a parade and Peace Vigil in Rome where bands from across the world will gather in Vatican Square.  It is our intention to have senior officials from the Vatican participate at this event. Following performances in Rome, Pipes and Drums of Canada would embark on a two week tour of Italy and neighbouring countries.
To date a committee has been formed to begin the planning for this venture and letters have been sent to Canadian and Italian officials to ensure their participation. A number of band members have indicated their interest in this trip.  If you wish to have your name added to the list to receive further information please contact me at
Looking forward  to hearing from you as we move forward in our planning.

New Tunes

A new tune has been added to the band music book:
In addition, the band is learning a new medley that includes the following tunes:
  • The MacNeil’s of Ugadale
  • Morag of Dunvegan
  • The Black Bear
  • Paddy’s Leather Breeches
  • The Massacre of Glencoe
  • The Bluebells of Scotland

Photos from the 2018 Trip to Scotland

A handful of nice pictures from the 2018 trip to Scotland have been posted on the Photo Gallery section of this website.

In addition, Andrew Sinclair has made available a great selection of photos through his Google Photo page.

Click HERE to see Andrews’s photo collection. 

Scotland 2018

The band is organizing a tour of Scotland in 2018 which will include events in Edinburgh as well as many other parades and functions throughout Scotland and Northern England. To date over one hundred and fifty pipers, drummers, colour party highland dancers and supporters have indicated an interest in being involved in this trip.

We have registrants from all across Canada and look forward to increasing the number of those wanting to take part. Click here to download our Member Information Registration Form.

Further information is available in the attached brochure. The brochure includes details on airfare, accommodations, meals, and dates which include both free time and performance venues. Payment details are also included.

The music list for the Scotland 2018 trip is available here.
The sheet music for these tunes is contained in our band music book which can be downloaded from the Music section of this website.