The Pipes and Drums of Canada music book is updated annually. 
To download the complete 2017 music book in pdf format (2.76 MB), click here

The individual tunes contained in the band music book are listed below:

2/4 Marches
1 Barren Rocks/Mhari’s Wedding
2 Black Bear
3 Dundee Military Tattoo
4 Earl of Mansfield

3/4 Marches
5 Green Hills
6 Battles O’er
7 Loch Maree
8 Lochanside

4/4 Marches
9 Scotland the Brave/Rowan Tree
10 Wings
11 Scotland the Brave/Maple Leaf Forever
12 Cockney Jocks/Bonnie Lass of Fyvie
13 Meeting of the Waters
14 The Children
15 La Boum
16 Crags of Tumbledown Mountain
17 We’re No Awa’ To Bide Awa’/Will Ye No Come Back Again
18 Auld Lang Syne

5/4 Marches
19 Cullen Bay
20 Cullen Bay, Harmony

6/8 Marches
21 Glendaruel Highlanders
21 10th BTN H.L.I Crossing the Rhine
22 All Blue Bonnets Are Over the Border
22 MacNeil’s of Ugadale
23 Hundred Pipers/Bonnie Dundee
24 Steam Boat
25 Paddy’s Leather Breeches

9/8 Marches
26 Battle of the Somme/Heights of Dargai

12/8 Marches
27 Brigadier T.E Snow

Slow Airs
28 My Home
29 Skye Boat Song
30 Highland Cathedral
31 Amazing Grace
32 Amazing Grace, Harmony

Performance set
33 The Day Thou Gavest/Flower of Scotland
34 Massacre of Glencoe/Road to the Isles

Updates to the music are reported and available in the NEWS section of the website.